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Chapter 2: Navigating New Horizons

Linda's Journey from Hospitality to Tech

Welcome to Chapter 2 of Linda's journey! In this part, we'll learn how she went from working in hotels to the tech world

Her story shows us that you can change careers and use skills from one job to a totally different one.

Let's see how she faced the challenges and learned that skills from her old job were still really useful in her new one!

The Challenge of Switching Careers

“It wasn't easy to move from the hotel industry to tech, but I did it with determination. Many people might think they can't change careers without experience, but the skills you learn in one job can be helpful in another.

Being Flexible Matters

Being a good communicator is a useful skill in any situation. Linda's talent for understanding her audience and adjusting her communication has been a big help in her success. It's a lesson we can all take to heart – knowing how to talk to people can go a long way!

A message from Linda...

My story can inspire anyone to think about changing careers or trying something new. Change is okay and the skills you pick up along the way can be really helpful. My journey tells you that if you're determined, flexible, and good at talking to people, you can do well in a new field.

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