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Colorful Playful Creative Stickers Never Have I Ever Kpop Fandom Edition presentation (3).

Diversity & Inclusion 

Our team strongly believes in Diversity & inclusion in the workplace. This opportunity to support a company that embodies this, was the perfect way for us to get involved in this initiative. We re currently supporting, in event planning and sales calls appointment setting.


Design Studio & Capital 

We currently support this incredible team with scheduling executive and team meetings, managing their onboarding process, research and social media accounts. The team is spread out over 5 countries and different time zones, so it can be a fun challenge to coordinate team activities and engagement. 

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Social Media 

Our team collaborates with this dynamic skincare team in their Social media graphics, team incentives, event planning and CRM. 

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Project Management tools

We currently utilize, Monday, Asana and MS Projects for tracking tasks. We can utilize any in house tool you currently use to manage projects. 

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